How to resize Linux encrypted partition

Starting conditions:
* Running xUbuntu 18.04 and wanting to resize swap parition.
* Entire extended partition has been encrypted with LUKS dm-crypt.

Summary: G-Parted doesn't support LUKS encryption will use KDE Partition Manager instead.

Step Description
1. Boot off xUbuntu Live CD.
2. Select "Try Xubuntu"
3. Connect to a network (i.e. Wifi)
4. Open a "Terminal emulator"
5. Install partitionmanager (about 160MB)
> sudo apt update
> sudo apt install partitionmanager
6. Run partitionmanager as su
> sudo partitionmanager
7. Right click on the encrypted parition and click "decrypt". Enter the encryption password.
8. Go to "Tools" and click on "Refresh devices".
9. From the "Devices" list on the left hand side select the newly decrypted parition.
10. In the main window right click on the partition you want to resize and click "Resize/Move".
11. Resize the partition to desired dimensions and then click "OK".
12. In the top left corner of the Partition Manager app click on "Apply" and then confirm by clicking on "Apply Pending Operations"
13. Confirm the resize and close Partition Manager and reboot in normal mode.