Pre Trip Home Day 02
Day 01 (Tuesday, 2016-08-09)
  • Flight from Vancouver to Osaka (9,000km in 10 hrs)
  • First night at J-Hoppers in Osaka
  • Image Notes
    Cone d'Oranj disapproves of the flight plan submitted by the pilot of the 737. An approach on the south-western coast would have provided potentially attractive views of Mt. Fuji (4,000m) from an estimated altitude of 6,000m. After a brief interaction with the captian it was agreed that the captain's approach lacked creativity and was inferior in all possible ways to the cone's. Actually the captain confessed that the more common flight path is on the western coast.

    Note: The Cone has vast flight experiences from spending much of its time at airports (as part Auto-X events).
    Flight profile for Vancouver to Osaka trip

    Bank phishing attack
    While still in the Osaka airport the local ATM was used to exchange some money to Japanese Yen. Within a couple of minutes after the transaction was processed a text message (on the Canadian phone #) was received informing that the bank account from which the money was transacted has been frozen. The link was presented to unfreeze the account. For future study:
    • How did the phisher know the ATM was used?
    • How did they know who the bank it was used with?
    • How did they know the phone number associated with the account?
    Within a few hours the webpage got deleted.

    Another very anxiety inducing discovery for the Cone was that the Canadian bank knew the Cone was travelling to Japan without the Cone informing them. What else does the bank know abou the Cone - and most importantly - who are they sharing it with?
    The J-Hoppers hostle is located in the cosy neighbourhood of Fukushima. There's many small mom-and-pop restaurants along the stretch - and only bikes and pedestrians are allowed.
    Pre Trip Home Day 02