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Day 05 (Saturday, 2016-08-13)
Temperature: 32dC
  • Chi Chi's
  • Harajuku Street in Tokyo
  • Image Notes
    This day the Cone took a break. After the couple previous one-day journeys the Cone decided to stay in Tokyo. Here it went to Bic Camera still tyring to find its Samsung Gear VR 360 camera. Even though Bic Camera sells a wide selection of cameras (as seen in the picture) it doesn't sell Samsung products.
    After the Bic Camera failure the Cone decides to go searching for an elusive motorcycle store known as Chi Chi's. Chris and Michael again suggested it as a very unique location. With unimaginable luck the Cone found the store. However the store was closed for holidays.
    The store closed the day the Cone visted. And was going to be closed for the following 5 days. As the Cone is leaving for Kyoto in 3 days it had no other day to visit it.
    While searching for the store the Cone asked a couple of young students wandering the streets if they know of a place named Chi Chi's. The students looked very embarassed and said that they don't. And left in a hurry. After inquiring with a Japanese speaker the Cone determined that "chi chi" means "father" or "boobs" in Japanese. This explained the confused look on the students had.
    After departing Chi Chi's the cone went to the fashion district of Harajuku. Harajuku is a street where a lot of cosplayers like to go. It is extremely crowded with tourists, cosplayers and hustlers.
    To capture the spirit of the street the Cone set base in a local Starbucks and recorded people as they were walking by.
    The Cone belives that shoes can tell a lot about a person. So here it also recorded the shoes of the passers by.
    Another view of Harajuku. The street is long and crowded. This section is in the shade so on this hot day it also has this going for it.
    A certain artist was also in Harajuku - most likely to catch a glimpse of the Cone. There were quite a few young females who were screaming and chasing down the promotional truck that was passing through the neighbourhood every now and then.
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