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Day 08 (Tuesday, 2016-08-16)
Temperature: 30dC very humid
  • Ginkakuji
  • Nazanji (aqueduct)
  • Image Notes
    On the way out to the first temple the Cone has hidden itself in a Kimono store. These items are expensive.
    Up the alley leading to Ginkakuji the Cone enters a Rabbit Store.
    The Rabbit Story (version 1) [the Rabbit has so much going for it]

    "Rabbit's jumping power [symbolizes the] pulse of life and her fleet-foot[ing] is a symbol that everything could be advanced promptly in a good direction.

    It is said that her lovely shape means [a] peaceful home and makes for good human relations. Moreover, it is also said that [she symbolizes] the talisman of the peace and warmth for a long time, and [that it gives] power to escape the evil and the jinx.

    [The symbol] for the character "Escape" is very much like "Rabbit" so this character came from the "Rabbit".

    [The] rabbit [has] long ears. It is said [this way] that she can get more information than others, and [she] is often compared to persons who take other's opinion easily.

    When the Rabbit runs, her hind legs overtake [her] forefeet, for this reason Indians believe that she is a symbol of luck from a long time ago.

    Rabbit is a symbol of "Spring", and the pin also has a meaning of "Spring" in the early Orient.

    In the twelve zodiac signs, Rabbit is called by [the caracter for the east direction], so putting the ornament of the Rabbit in the east side of the room might be better.
    The Cone among the lucky rabbits.
    Those are some big bunnies.
    In the Ginkakuji rock garden. The large cone at the far end symbolizes Mount Fuji.
    The Cone managed to get a movie of a one arm lizard at Ginkakuji. These little reptiles are hard to get on camera if one doesn't have a telephoto lens.
    Look what landed on the beautiful orange of the Cone.
    After whispering a few words of advice to the Cone the visitor takes off.
    Kyoto view from Ginkakuji.
    The Cone reviews a sample of the tourists making the trek uphill to Ginkakuji.
    The Cone discoveres the Okazaki Shrine - as there are no tourists around it decides its a good place to visit.
    The Rabbit Story (version 2) [a different type of Rabbit emerges - the Cone wonders where the Shrine of the Rabbit from Monthy Python and the Holy Grail is]

    "This shrine is dedicated to Susanoh-no-mikoto and Kushinadahime-no-mikoto and their three daughters and fife sons.

    This shrine is believed to be one of four shrines built along the four compass points in Heiankyo (the ancient name for the capital of Kyoto) to protect the Imperial Court in 794 when Emperor Kanmu transferred the national capital here. This shrine, located to the east of Heian-kyo, was called Higashi-tenno (Eastern King).

    This shrine received a ritual offering for the childbirth of the empress in 1178 and is believed to hold the god and goddess of easy childbirt. In addition, beacuse this shrine was founded in answer to an invocation by the emperor to protect the Imperial Court and expel evil related to the compass points, it is also believed to house the god and goddess of dispelling evil related to the compass points and othre sources.

    Since olden times, rabbits have been considered servants of the guardian god. Because the dedicated god and goddess were blessed with children and rabbits are prolific, this shrine is also believed to house the god and goddess of childbirth. The shrine precincts contain many sculptures of rabbits. Especially popular with visitors is the rabbit figure representing childbirth located in the chozu-yakata (handwashing house).
    The Cone ascended on top of the popular chozu-yakata Rabbit for maximum reproductive success. Considering the increase in construction sites and associated proliferation of cones this seems not to be necessary.
    The main shrine entrance.
    The Cone witnesses a prayer to the Bunny god.
    After learning how to pray the Cone proceeds to exhange a few thoughts with the local Bunny diety.
    Panorama of the Bunny Shrine.

    The Cone just learned that temples are for Buddhists while shrine are for the Shinto denomination believers.
    The Cone then continues its journey to Nazanji temple. Here it captures the size of the main gate.
    This entrance is massive - also someone recognized Cone d'Oranj and said they saw it at another temple. The Cone is becoming a national phenomena.
    The Cone inspects the structure of the gate hinge. It is very similar to the standard Japanese door hinge - just much larger.

    Some of the pillars of the gate would be hard to replace as trees don't grow this wide any more.
    The Cone takes some time to pose with two young local worshipers.
    And then it continues to the Aqueduct.
    Is this Rome?

    In other news the Cone learned it can purchase charms for: happiness, protective power, romance, easy delivery, success in entrance exam, academic achievement, better eyesight and self enlightenment, protection against evil, traffic safety, victory in athletics, health and protection from injuries, recovery from illness, longer life, better fortune and good health from Nazanji each for 500 yen.
    The Cone is trying to strike a conversation with a local lady.

    Cone: "Hello! Would you perhaps be interested in learning about the latest construction standards and how important cones are to preventing accidents and improving the standard of living in the world... and by extension world peace?"
    Lady: "We can't be seen together. This is too dangerous - the construction standards are sacred and should not be mentioned in a place like this."
    Lady: "Meet me tonight at the Obon festival. OK?"

    Cone: "I can't promise I will - I have a busy schedule."
    Kyoto has many streams running through. They have a very quaint feel to them.
    The Cone arrived at the Kyoto Train Station (10 floors high) for dinner.

    This is one of the few train stations in Kyoto. One advantage Tokyo has is you can train anywhere very efficiently. Unlike it Kyoto is a bus city. From the Kyoto Train Station tourists are herded on buses that drop them off at the various temples and shrines.
    The Cone was planning on meeting the nice lady from Nazanji temple at the Obon fire festival but it was raining hard in Kyoto this evening. The Cone feels it got lucky leaving Tokyo just in time to prevent getting stuck in a little flood - 50+mm or rain overnight - hopefully everyone is OK.
    If it wasn't raining this hard the Obon festival would have been a beautiful event. It is meant as a quiet festival where fire is used to guide the spirit of the ones who passed away back home.
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