Day 15 Home Post Trip
Day 16 (Wednesday, 2016-08-24)
Temperature: 35dC
  • Osaka to Vancouver
  • Image Notes
    At the J-Hoppers in Osaka the Cone found - as it was departing a list of common used words.
    The Cone is leaving for the Airport. This is the Fukushima neighbourhood it used as a base during its stay in Osaka. It was lovely - very homey.
    The view from the airport - in the distance the Sky Gate Bridge R connecting the mainland to the Kansai airport island can be seen. At 3,750m long it's the longest double-decked truss bridge in the world and it carries both automobiles and trains.

    The train from Osaka to Kansai Airport decoupled into two trains going in different directions two stops before the airport. The Cone urges fellow passenger to make sure to be on the right daughter train when this occurs.
    Beautiful clouds above Japan's mainland underneath which lush forests grow.
    In the middle of the Pacific Ocean approximately 70 bright lights were shinning. The location is 42°56'37.6"N 151°32'58.0"E - and the Cone was unable to determine what the source of the lights were (most likely a wind farm).
    Location of unidentified lights in the Pacific Ocean

    These lights are about 350 kms south of the Kuril islands and about 450 kms east of Honshu. They must be relatively large structures as the airplane was flying at above 10,000 meters at this time.
    After a 8 hour flight through darkness the sun caught up to the Cone again and revealed the green of Canada. The Cone though was saddened to see the state of the Canadian wild forests. There is no area where patches of trees have not been cut. From the airplane it looks like the wilderness has cancer or smallpox - very disgusting.

    Compare this sight with the view from flying above Japan (just two rows above). Canadians appear like marauding savages when it comes to the environment as far as the Cone can tell.
    The airplane came in over Vancouver and turned around over New Westminster to land from the east at YVR. This allowed the Cone to get a sight of all the major areas of New West, Burnaby and Vancouver. It was a good flight profile worthy of a nice holiday.
    Flight Profile for Osaka to Vancouver return trip

    The lights on the ocean surface occur at about 2,000km into the flight.

    NOTE: any spikes in altitude are plotting artifacts as the Cone did not experience any sensation of falling.
    Day 15 Home Post Trip